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Rates and Dividends

Loan Type APY
Signature Loans 12.00% on the Unpaid Balance
1st Time Borrower/New Account 15.00%
Shared Secured Loans 1.00% to 5.00% depending on Terms
Loan Type APY
Signature Loans 9.00% on the Unpaid Balance
New Autos 3.00%
Used Autos 4.00%
Loan Type APY
New Autos 6.00%
Used Autos 8.00%


Dividend rates are subject to change on a quarterly basis. For the quarterly rates please call or stop in our branch office.

Anticipated Dividends: (APY = Annual Percentage Yield)
Rates are subject to change without notice.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate
All loan applications are subject to credit approval and request for additional collateral.
Rates and terms will be determined based on credit score and debt/income ratio.
Other terms and conditions may apply. Contact the credit union for more information.