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Fee Schedule

All fees cover costs incurred by the credit union. All fees as of September 18, 2016, effective November 1, 2016.

Share Related Fees Fee Amount
One time membership fee $1.00
Joint member fee $1.00
Multiple Withdrawals (one always free) None
For Second $.75
Early closing fee (within 60 days) $5.00
3rd party mail wds (includes env & pst) $1.25

Wire/Western Union Fees Fee Amount
Bank to bank wire fee $20.00
Western union fee $25.00
Change payout location of western union In transit $9.00
Retrieve unclaimed western union $12.00

Tax & Lien Related Fees Fee Amount
Research misplaced 1099 fee $5.00
Lien Levy & garnishment fee $60.00
Rescinded levy process fee $25.00

Loan Related Fees Fee Amount
Loan application fee $5.00
Car loan application fee $10.00
Loan cancellation fee $10.00

Club Fees Fee Amount
Early Xmas withdrawal fee $75.00

IRA Related Fees Fee Amount
Early withdrawal fee $40.00

Share Draft Related Fees Fee Amount
NSF Check fee $30.00
Monthly service charge fee $3.00
Stop payment fee $5.00
Check draft history fee $.50 per item
Copy of draft with clear info fee $3.00
Without clear info fee $4.00
Overdraft protection fee $2.00
Courtesy pay fee $10.00 per item

Statement Related Fees Fee Amount
Copy misplaced current fee $6.00
Copy misplaced prior history period fee $12.00
Microfishe historical copies fee Start $15.00 per hour

Check Related Fees Fee Amount
Void check current period fee $3.50
Void check prior quarter fee $5.50
Reissue ck up to 2 yrs old $22.00*
Reissue ck up to 3 yrs old $35.00*
Reissue ck up to 4 yrs old $50.00*
Reissue ck up to 5 yrs old $60.00*
Reissue ck up to 6 yrs old $70.00*
Reissue ck up to 7 yrs old $75.00*
Stop payment credit union ck $40.00
Redeposit 1st time chargeback $5.00
Photocopies cleared check start at $8.00 up to $85.00 depending on age of item
*Our costs do not include additional fees that may be charged by bank for storage access.

Miscellaneous Item Fees Fee Amount
Escheat fee $95.00
Returned mail item fee $5.00
Unkown address (per quarter) $15.00
Mortgage/10th month pmt $1.25
Verification/Pay Off Letter $3.00
Fax to 3rd party (per page) $2.00
Research fees (per hour) $35.00
NSF Deposit returned $35.00 to $50.00

Loan Payment Related Fees Fee Amount
Grace period 10 days
Late fee $25.00

Everyday Spend Visa Debit Card Fees Fee Amount
Purchase Card $8.00
Non payroll load fee $.25
Replacement card fee $3.50
NSF payroll posting fee $1.00
All other Visa Debit Card fees are Visa fees and are itemized in their disclosure.

Mail Related Fees Fee Amount
Overnight mailings fee $25.00
Priority mailings fee $8.5
USPS add crt notice $0.75
Certified mailing fee $7.00

General Information

Privacy notices are mailed annually and can be obtained any time from a teller.

Minimum share balance (par value of one share) is $5.00. Required account opening deposit is $10.00.

Closed accounts can only be done in writing or in person.

All shares are federally insured by NCUA.

Dividens paid on the first day of the month of each new quarter.

All changes of address must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a valid signature.

Reloadable debit cards can be used at ATMs for withdrawals and come with a mobile application. Checks can be deposited remotely to be loaded onto the card using a smart phone.