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Fee Schedule

Fees effective July 16, 2018.

Share Related Fees Fee Amount
Membership fee (opening account) $1.00
Multiple Withdrawals (same day) FREE 1st one
Second Withdrawal (same day) $.75 each
Third Party withdrawal (mail/in-house) $2.25
Early closing Christmas Club $5.00
Return deposit item $30.00
Stop Payment Fee (CU issued ck) $25.00

Wire/Western Union Fees Fee Amount
Wire - Bank to bank transfer $20.00
Western union fee $25.00
Change location in transit $9.00
Retrieve unclaimed western union $12.00

Loan Fees Fee Amount
Loan application $5.00
Loan cancellation fee (after loan is processed) $50.00
Short term loan fee $20.00
Late Payment Fee (10 day grace) $25.00

Share Draft Fees Fee Amount
NSF (non-sufficient fund) fee $30.00
Stop payment fee $25.00
Copy of share draft $3.00

ACH Fees Fee Amount
Returned NSF fee $30.00
Stop/revoked ACH payment fee $25.00

Everyday Spend Visa Debit Card Fees Fee Amount
Purchase Card $8.00
Load card fee $0.25
Replacement card fee $3.50
*All other Visa Debit Card fees are Visa fees and are itemized in their disclosure.

Miscellaneous Items Fees Fee Amount
Copy of member statement $3.00
Copy of member history $0.50 per page
Copy of 1099 Tax form $5.00
Garnishment/Lien Levy $60.00
Loan Pay Off Letter $3.00
Account Research fee $135.00
Dormant/Inactive account fee $2.00
Overnight mailing $30.00
Return mail/bad address fee $3.00
Account Verification fee $3.00
Special mailing fee $15.00

General Information

Privacy notices are mailed annually and can be obtained any time from a teller.

Minimum share balance (par value of one share) is $5.00. Required account opening deposit is $10.00.

Closed accounts can only be done in writing or in person.

All shares are federally insured by NCUA up to $250,000.

Dividens paid on the last day of the month of each new quarter.

All changes of address must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a valid signature.

Reloadable debit cards can be used at ATMs for withdrawals and come with a mobile application. Checks can be deposited remotely to be loaded onto the card using a smart phone.